Below is a preliminary programme outline current as at 5 July and is subject to change. Details will be updated as they are confirmed.

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Friday 13 October

9.00am - 5.15pm  Breast Cancer Summit
2.00pm - 4.00pm  Exhibitor pack in
2.00pm - 5.00pm  Registration desk open


Saturday 14 October

7.30am - 5.30pm  Registration desk open 

MSD Breakfast Symposium

Management of brain metastases in the era of immune checkpoint blockade
Invited speaker: Victoria Atkinson, Queensland
Moderator: Rosalie Stephens, Auckland
Multidisciplinary panelists to be announced

9.30am Conference opening 
9.30am Mihi
9.35am President's welcome
Ben Lawrence, Auckland

Session 1:

The tumour microenvironment in cancer progression and therapy

Chairs: Andrew Macann and Francis Hunter

9.40am New aspects of tumour hypoxia biology
Invited speaker: Adrian Harris, Oxford, UK
10.10am  Immunology in Clinical Research: Maximising patient data
Invited speaker: Roslyn Kemp, Otago
10.40am Proffered abstract
10.55am Proffered abstract
11.10am Morning tea 

Session 2:


Early-phase clinical trials

Presented in partnership with the European Society for Medical Oncology
Chairs: Michael Jameson and Anne O'Donnell

11.40am  Title to be announced
Invited speaker: Josep Tabernero, Barcelona, Spain
12.10pm Combination phase 1 oncology trials
Invited speaker: Mark McKeage, Auckland
12.25pm Trials and tribulations
Invited speaker: Sanjeev Deva, Auckland
12.40pm Proffered abstract
12.55pm Lunch 

Session 3: 

PHARMAC Young Researcher Awards

Chairs: Richard Issacs and Melanie McConnell

1.40pm PHARMAC Young Research Award candidates

Session 4: 

Clinical and scientific poster discussions

Discussant: Michael Findlay, Auckland
Discussant: Anita Dunbier, Otago
3.10pm Proffered abstract
3.25pm Proffered abstract
3.40pm  Proffered abstract
3.55pm Proffered abstract
4.10pm Afternoon tea 

Session 5: 

Tissue banking, molecular pathology and diagnostics

Chairs: Peter Browett and Annette Lasham

4.40pm Title to be announced
Invited speaker: Jorge Reis-Filho, New York
5.10pm Tissue banking in New Zealand: Current priorities and future opportunities 
Speakers to be announced
5.30pm Open discussion of priorities in local tissue banking
5.50pm NZSO AGM
7.00pm Conference dinner at the Auckland Art Gallery

Sunday 15 October

7.30am - 4.30pm  Registration desk open
Professional development breakfasts
Establishment of a young oncology network
Speakers to be announced

Career opportunities after a PhD in cancer research
Andrew Shelling, Professor, Auckland University
Andrew Kelly, Executive Director, BioPacific Partners
Stuart Ryan, Medical Manager, Roche NZ
Andy Shenk, CEO, Auckland UniServices Ltd

Session 6: 

Translational radiation oncology

Chairs: Giuseppe Sasso and Bill Wilson

9.15am Optimal radiation and immune checkpoint blockade combinations
Invited speaker: Silvia Chiara Formenti, New York
9.45am  Head and neck cancer: Remodeling the "wound healing response" during and post radiotherapy to influence both normal tissue effects and tumour control
Invited speaker: Andrew Macann, Auckland
10.05am Proffered abstract
10.20am Proffered abstract
10.35am Morning tea

Session 7:

Genomics, predisposition and precision oncology

Chairs: Sharon Pattison and Andrew Shelling

11.00am Drowning in our success: post-GWAS studies of breast cancer risk
Invited speaker: Georgia Chenevix-Trench, Queensland
11.30am Genomics for precision oncology: How hard can it be?
Invited speaker: Cristin Print, Auckland
11.50am Genomics in Haematological Malignancies: The future of genomics in solid tumors?
Invited speaker: Stefan Bohlander, Auckland
12.10pm Profferred abstract
12.25pm Lunch

Session 8: 

Drug discovery and novel approaches to therapy

Chairs: Mark McKeage and Bill Denny

1.10pm Presentation of the NZSO Translational Research Award
1.15pm Title to be announced
NZSO Translational Research Award Lecture: To be announced
1.45pm Discovery of hypoxia-selective kinase inhibitors
Invited speaker: Jeff Smaill, Auckland
2.05pm Converting toxic duocarmycin natural products to tumour-selective anticancer agents
Invited speaker: Moana Tercel, Auckland
2.25pm Proffered abstract
2.40pm Proffered abstract
2.55pm  Proffered abstract
3.10pm Afternoon tea

Session 9:

Bruce Cain Memorial Lecture

Chairs: Ben Lawrence and Francis Hunter

3.30pm Title to be announced
Bruce Cain Memorial Lecturer: To be announced
4.25pm Closing remarks from the convener
Francis Hunter, Auckland 
4.30pm Conference close


Ben LawrenceNZSO President

Roslyn KempVice President

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