Mei Krishnasamy

Professor Mei Krishnasamy is Chair in Cancer Nursing in the Department of Nursing at the University of Melbourne, Research and Education Lead for Nursing for the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre and Director of the Academic Nursing Unit at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne. Her research focuses on the care experiences and health outcomes of people with rare and less common cancers, and the contribution of nurse-led cancer research to patient and family, organisation and system level outcomes. She has authored or co-authored competitive grants totalling $14m AUS and in 2018, was awarded $1M by the Victorian Government under the auspices of the VCCC to establish the first ever Australian Cancer Nursing Research Innovation Hub.


Building capability for nurse-led cancer research. Development, implementation and impact of a multi-site initiative

The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Nurse-Led Research Hub (the Hub), is the first initiative of its kind for Australian cancer nurses, and it has been active since October 2018. Funded by the VCCC, the Hub is committed to building nurse-led research capability and its objectives are: to support nurses to turn clinical ideas into research, network with other cancer nurses, to grow research knowledge and skills, and promote nurse-led cancer research activity across seven VCCC clinical partners.  This paper will describe work undertaken to inform the development of the Hub and its program of work, and will detail five strategies which underpin the work of the Hub: 1) raising the visibility and value of nurse-led research; 2) fostering connections and communication to facilitate research networks; 3) to grow research knowledge within an unfunded workforce; 4) to enable research education and skills to build future leaders; and 5) to facilitate gaining research experience. Early data demonstrating the impact of the Hub will be presented and plans for the future of the Hub will be described.





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