Smart Oncology Network

The SONet project is a collaboration between NZSO, Roche Products (NZ) Ltd and Celo Ltd to improve oncology best practice in New Zealand. The Celo App provides access to the Celo secure digital platform and is offered exclusively to oncology teams across New Zealand.

Users of the Celo App can communicate with each other, send documents and photographs, and safely share patient details within a secure, encrypted, NZ Ministry of Health approved, digital network.

Through an Innovation Partnership between Roche NZ and Celo, NZ cancer researchers will have free access* to the Celo App

Teams with the following characteristics are invited to participate in the SONet project:

  • The team's project must require the exchange and sharing of patient information
  • The project must be underway
  • Team members must have smartphones capable of running the Celo App
  • Members must be willing to provide regular feedback on the Celo App
  • One team member must be appointed to interact with the SONet project team as part of their commitment to the project

Additional details about the SONet Project can be found in the following documents:

  1. Why is Roche NZ involved?
  2. What is the Roche-Celo Innovation Partnership?
  3. Data Use and Privacy Statement


For more information, contact:

Steve Vlok
CEO, Celo

Kate Clarke
Vice President, NZSO

Celo App information

* total user numbers limited to 250