2023 winner: Dr Arthur Morley-Bunker

Congratulations to the present and past winners of the Roche Translational Cancer Research Fellowship Award

Arthur Morley Bunker ROCHE

Past winners

Roche Translational Cancer Research Fellowship

Since 2016, Roche has been partnering with the New Zealand Society for Oncology (NZSO) to award the Roche Translational Cancer Research Fellowship to an annual value of $30,000.

Both Roche and NZSO recognise the importance of keeping up-to-date with international developments in cancer research and oncology clinical practice.

Translational research bridges the gap from basic science in the lab to clinical practice, in order to enhance human health and well-being. It’s sometimes referred to as bench to bedside to community. Research is most effective when clinicians and scientists work together and a key role of NZSO is to encourage collaboration between clinicians and scientists.

This award provides a unique opportunity for NZ cancer research teams to upskill an integral team member, so that the team can work together more effectively and improve research output.