The New Zealand Society for Oncology (NZSO) is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the exchange of new research and clinical developments in Oncology and Cancer Research.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in clinical oncology or cancer research.

Our key purpose is to bring together Clinical Oncologists and Cancer Researchers. It is hoped this collaboration will both improve the quality of patient care and cancer research, resulting in each mutually supporting the other within New Zealand.

NZSO aims to provide a network for development of clinical trials, experimental therapies and facilitating the testing of new scientific hypotheses.

Our annual NZSO meeting is a gathering of researchers in the scientific and clinical area, who share the interests of collaboration across disciplines for better outcomes in patient care and cancer research. Your membership allows this meeting to occur and is greatly appreciated.

Become a member of NZSO today! Membership includes:

  • Join the team collaborating to bring together the fields of Clinical Oncology and Cancer Research in New Zealand
  • Have the ability to attend NZSO AGM's and have the right to vote on matters affecting the NZSO
  • Receive a discounted registration at our conferences
  • Have the ability to apply for and/or nominate recipients for annual conference awards
  • Stay up to date with industry related news and events

Membership fees

Membership fees are;

Senior Medical Officer/ Fellow - $100
Scientist/ Registrar - $10
Student / Nurse $10

All memberships are valid to 31 March the following year.

Membership fees must be paid at time of application via credit card.