History of the Society

Summary of 50 years of NZSO

The evolution of cancer research and how it relates to current patient care in New Zealand has changed many times over the years. The New Zealand Society for Oncology has played a large part in this. From humble beginnings of a small group of researchers from two universities sitting down and holding a meeting in 1967 to a collaborative and expansive Society we see today, the History of the New Zealand Society for Oncology, 1967 to the Present goes into great detail of this evolution. Additionally, this paper features in depth discussions around Dr Bruce Cain, a paramount figure in New Zealand and cancer research and how he related research directly to patient care. Many other key figures are featured in this in-depth historical account, all impacting on where New Zealand’s cancer care has evolved to today.

This compilation was researched and written by Dr Cheryl Ware and Professor Linda Bryder, School of Humanities.